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Scorpions are resilient creatures and there is no pesticide that can permanently limit a population. Using high-powered ultraviolet industrial floodlights, we remove scorpions one by one off  your property.

Peace of Mind

Scorpions are picked up one by one

Our professionals safely remove scorpions from your property without harmful chemicals, ensuring peace of mind and safety for your loved ones. You shouldn’t have to choose between harmful chemicals and scorpions that endanger your loved ones.

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Forceps to remove scorpions one by one

Detailed Property Inspections

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Scorpion Sweep Reporting

With Each Sweep, you will be provided with a detailed report on the number of scorpions removed and their specific locations.  Our reports offers in-depth data analysis and graphics to provide you with better insights on your home's pest control.

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Data-Driven Insights

The report provides an overview of the scorpion removal summary (e.g., scorpions removed count, exact location of removed scorpions in relation to Google Maps pin drops, location tracking, weather, observations, strategy plan, etc.) and includes additional analysis and graphics in the attached PDF document to give you better insight.

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